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Need a little taste of home but can’t make a trip to the …
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This new subscription option added to our range, is a box …
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Filled to the brim with Biltong OR Droëwors; Ouma Rusks; …
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Do you live in RSA; UK; NZ or beyond? This is a perfect …
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About The Hadeda Box

First South African Themed Sub Box

Have you always loved or just are curious about the unique culture of South Africa?

The Hadeda Box is just what you NEED!

Inside each box, you'll find old fav's like biltong, the traditional cured meat & droëwors, a typically coriander-spiced dried ...

Hear The Hadeda...

You know you're a Saffa when you hear the call of the Hadeda. The ibis bird is known for its' 3 to 4 note call...

The Call of The Hadeda 

Once on the list of endangered species, the Hadeda is now no longer on the red list, with their population growing ...

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